Why Is Aged Liquor Better

Remember the old adage, “Good things come to those who wait”? Well, it’s true, especially with liquor. Aged liquor IS better, and here’s why…

Whiskeys and spiced rum tend to be aged in charred oak barrels and scotch in old sherry, Madeira or port barrels. Basically, the longer the maturation process, the more flavor is infused – to a point.

Wine ages in its bottle through organic processes, and it can be affected by storage conditions. Extreme temperatures and light can adversely affect the aging process of wine. Ideally, wine should ideally be kept on its side in low lighted conditions and at about 55-65 degrees. You should also spin your wine bottles in regular increments to keep the cork moist. Many varieties of wine, however, do not benefit from aging. Unlike wine, liquor stops aging when it is removed from the barrel.

Keep in mind that alcohol, be it wine or whiskey, has a sweet spot, so be mindful of your peak, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite indulgence when it is at its most flavorful. Ideally, the age range for whiskey, as it is made with rye, tends to run about 9-11 years. While the sweet spot for bourbon, which is made from corn, is more like 6-10 years. The ideal age for scotch depends on type and style, but 20 years is a good bet!