What Is It About Alcohol that People Love?

Alcohol has been around since the Stone Age, roughly 10 million years ago. Scientists even say that some research suggests pottery was invented because we needed containers and mugs for our alcohol. So, basically, we have been in the practice of consuming anything that will ferment since the dawn of time.

Ever wonder why people love alcohol so much? Everyone is different, but let me expound on a few of the touted virtues of this exceptional elixir. Alcohol can make some people lose their inhibitions. For some, it might enable them to conjure up the courage to walk up to someone and ask for a date. For others, a few beers may have them singing a rousing version of “It’s Raining Men” karaoke when they would never have otherwise considered it. Alcohol makes some people more jovial. Some feel it makes them more interesting or possibly the life of the party. Enjoying a drink or having a beer after a hard day of work is a great way to relax for some. For others, they like kicking back and having a few cocktails with friends by the pool.

Ah, and then there is taste. Everyone loves a cold beer with crabs or at a barbeque, and a punch bowl full of sangria and fruit will make almost anyone’s mouth water. Or imagine a frosty mug full of a milkshaky mudslide. There are chocolate martinis for those with a sweet tooth and umbrella drinks like pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris for those who prefer their drinks fruity and frozen. There are margaritas for Cinco de Mayo and mulled wine for Christmas; mimosas and bloody marys for breakfast; and Irish coffee or smooth brandy to top off a delicious dinner. Don’t forget that pudding or Jello shots will liven up any party.