Beer Here!

Ever have one of those days when you just want a really cold, refreshing beer…like maybe if you’re eating spicy wings at a sports bar, you and your friends are out on the boat for the day or you’re just enjoying a good old fashioned barbeque in the backyard? Well, there’s good news! Bengals Liquor, Daytona Beach’s top beer, wine, liquor, lottery and cigarette retailer, is open 365 days a year; and we have 2,800 feet of retail space, much of which is filled with beer!

Beer comes in all shapes and styles. There’s ale, which is the oldest style of beer. Ales can be blonde, a light summertime favorite. They can be amber or brown. These are a little heavier and can possess hints of nuts or caramel. Pale ale is a copper color English style beer that often bears a fruity scent. American pale ales (APAs) are heavier on the hops; and India pale ale (IPA) is even hoppier. Pilsner, which is golden and crisp, is the hoppiest. Porter and stout are dark, roasted ales. There’s also lager, which is a newer style of beer that is very common in Europe; and wheat beer, which is light and can range in taste from citrus to spice.

Some of the top rated beers for 2021 include Miller High Life for its refreshing qualities. Belgian Blue Moon’s subtle taste always seems to propel it to this list, as does the popularity of Yuengling Lager, as well as Newcastle Brown Ale; and Modelo Especial is one of the favored Mexican beers this year.

Do you like to try new things? Here are some fun ones…King Sue, a cult favorite; Lavenade Tart Ale – a fragrant mix of lemon and lavender; Golden Monkey, with notes of banana, clove and orange; or, for those who tend to choose the road less traveled, Two Roads Farmhouse Ale.

If you need a host or hostess gift for an upcoming Christmas party or you just want to make the holidays brighter, Mad Elf beer and Sam Adams Winter Lager are great gifts, and Santa may even enjoy some of his own!


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