Different Kinds of Scotch

The first written records of scotch whiskey production were discovered in Scotland in 1495. Since then,
Scottish distilleries have perfected whiskey production to an art.

The basic difference between single malt and blended scotch is the distillation process. Single malt
whiskey is produced in a single distillery, creating what many would consider its infamously enjoyable
earthy flavor. This process is more tedious and can take longer, making it more coveted and expensive
than blended scotch.

Blended scotch is just what it sounds like – the blend of two or more malt and grain whiskeys. As with
anything else we ingest, taste is subjective. Skilled blending can also produce very pleasing flavor.
Some popular blended scotch’s include Johnny Walker, Dewers and J&B. When shopping for good single
malts that won’t leave you penniless, let’s hear it for the “Glens.” Glenmorangie and Glenlivet are tasty
single malts that won’t break the bank. Chivas Regal and Macallan are very popular single malts as well.

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