How to Drink Wine the Proper Way

Is there a wrong and right way to drink wine? Well, let’s see…when you order wine in a restaurant, it is proper etiquette to check the label when your sommelier presents the bottle to you. Then, when a small amount is poured into your glass, you are expected to take a sip to see if you approve. It is also said that pouring a small amount of wine into your glass allows you to inhale the fragrance when you sip in, and savor the flavor. What’s wrong with that? Not much.

Okay, let’s delve a little deeper. Choosing wine that you and/or your guests will enjoy is just as important as the way you drink your wine. A good rule of thumb is that bold, full-bodied reds stand up better to heartier foods than lighter, sweeter wines. Reds tend to be thicker and heavier…great wines for winter and for pairing with steak or heavier sauces such as tomato sauce, and their flavors are enhanced by keeping them closer to room temperature. Light bodied reds are very enjoyable served a little cooler during the spring and summer. Whites are great chilled with lighter fare such as chicken, pork or fish.

Sipping wine before dinner while noshing on hors d’oeuvres can be particularly enjoyable, but you should consider the strength of flavors in this instance as well. For instance, salty, mild cheeses are delicious with sweeter white wine, while bold cheese flavors are best paired with red.

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