E-Cigs Are the New Smoking Trend

E-cigarettes are the new smoking trend, and there are quite a few reasons for their newfound popularity…

  • E-cigarettes are more socially acceptable than traditional cigarettes because, with e-cigarettes, you don’t produce smoke that can be so annoying (and unhealthy) to others.
  • With e-cigarettes, you don’t stink! There is no smoke smell in your hair or house, or on your clothes or furniture. You may instead smell a more pleasant aroma, such as vanilla, strawberry or whatever scent you choose…and even that scent won’t linger.
  • You also won’t have the yellow teeth or smoker’s breath that tobacco smoking can cause.
  • And if you are environmentally conscious, e-cigarettes provide an added bonus. They are environmentally friendly. With e-cigarettes, there are no butts to toss, so they are not hazardous to the environment.
  • The fact that they don’t have a burning ember, make them safer in your home too.
  • Another great benefit of e-cigarettes is that they are cheaper than tobacco smoking. After the initial investment, refills and e-liquids may only cost you 20% of what tobacco cigarettes cost.

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