Fruity Cocktails Aren’t Just for Women

Hey guys – Are you secure enough in your masculinity to sip on a pink drink? You should be. Fruity drinks are underrated, and while wing night at your favorite sports bar will never go out of style, cocktail bars are becoming quite the rage.

Let’s ease you in and start simple. Try a rum and pineapple. It’s fruity, but not pink…and delicious whether you shave your legs or your face. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, the madras – made of vodka, orange juice and cranberry – is a winner as well.

Now let’s talk vacation. What would a vacation be without the tropical taste of the traditional tried and true frozen pina colada? A margarita with 100% agave tequila is always a hit. And while we are talking tequila…the tequila sunrise with tequila, orange juice and a dash of grenadine is very popular as well.

If those ideas don’t sit well with you, and you feel that you still have to maintain your manly man mantra, order a Manhattan, an old fashioned or a Tom Collins. They all have fruit, but will be more apt to preserve your tough guy reputation.

Research indicates that the older and wiser men get, the less they care about what people think of their drink order. So, put on your big boy pants and try to get over all that machismo. You don’t know what you are missing! If you find you just can’t get put your manliness aside, look at the bright side…the more boring manly brown drinks you down, the more you may be on board for fruity flavor!