Guidelines for Drinking in Daytona

Having a few drinks when you are out with friends can be a blast, but, for the most part, we all try to drink responsibly…especially when there are laws prohibiting drinking in certain places.  Because, let’s face it, who wants to find themselves in the back of a paddy wagon when you were just trying to enjoy the Daytona Beach Pirate Fest? Not me!!!

Wondering what the guidelines are for drinking in Daytona Beach? Okay, here we go…

Alcohol is prohibited on the beach in all of Volusia County. So don’t tote your cooler of beer on the beach in Daytona Beach. You are not allowed to sell or drink alcohol on the beach in Daytona, although you can drink in the bars and restaurants that overlook the beach. That pretty much applies to all of Volusia County too.

Also, be careful drinking during Daytona Beach events. You can drink within the bars along Main Street, where it all happens, but DO NOT walk out onto the street with your drink during Bike Week, the Christmas Parade, New Year’s Parade, the Pirate Festival or any other events on Main Street in Daytona Beach. If you do, you may find yourself posting bail. And that, I’m sure, is not what you had in mind at all.

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