Hangover Cures

First things first! There are some things you can do prior to a night of drinking to help ward off a hangover. Since alcohol dehydrates you, the best preventive medicine is water. So nip that hangover in the bud and drink water before you head out, as well as intermittently while you are drinking alcohol.

Alcohol also lowers the body’s sugar levels, so eating a healthy breakfast is also a good idea before imbibing. Proteins and leafy greens are great, so veggie omelets are perfect, but too much of a good thing is actually not a good thing. So don’t overload on the meat. Carbs can replenish sugars and fruits full of natural sugars are also recommended. Speaking of fruits, bananas are full of potassium so they can kick your hangover’s butt. Kiwis and avocados can help to minimize hangover symptoms as well. 

Greasy, salty food may save you by soaking up the alcohol if you eat it beforehand too, so go ahead and have that burger and fries! Afterwards though, it is better to stick to things like chicken broth which is easy on the stomach and can help replace electrolytes too. If you’re too nauseous to eat, then don’t. You don’t want to see that food a second time! 

Skip the coffee or soda because caffeine can aggravate a headache and it is a diuretic. Opt, instead of an anti-inflammatory. Ibuprofen is good. Acetaminophen is hard on the liver – and you already did that.

Ok, so it is probably not what you want to hear, but getting your body moving and blood circulating will help you feel better. The good news is that sex counts. Don’t worry if you just want to lie around. Rest is good for a hangover too and sometimes it just takes time to recover.

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