Hard Seltzer: An Adult Beverage that’s Hard to Ignore!

Hard seltzers have become so popular, they have taken on a life of their own, and some of the most popular versions include Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer, which is trending among everyone from dieters to rugged ranch hands! Topo Chico is sparkling mineral water which actually has nutritional value and tequila is a lower calorie alcohol and, well…tequila!

Michelob Ultra Organic Peach Pear Hard Seltzer is only 80 calories per can with zero carbs and delightfully refreshing. Bud Light has also gotten into the mix with very delicious, popular hard seltzers including its watermelon mojito; and don’t leave Corona out because their Tropical Hard Seltzer comes in winning flavors such as spicy pineapple and mandarin starfruit.

Of course, if you inhabit the earth, you’ve undoubtedly heard of White Claw Hard Seltzer. This innovative alcoholic refreshment is a gluten-free concoction made from sparkling mineral water with natural flavors added and it is fermented from cane sugar…and its black cherry, mango and tangerine flavors are particularly pleasant!

Another hard seltzer option that is literally flying off the shelves is High Noon Watermelon Hard Seltzer. It’s made with vodka and real juice, packs quite a punch and comes in other yummy flavors like passionfruit and cherry.

The hard seltzers mentioned above only scratch the surface of hard seltzers that are hard to beat. There are also hard seltzers from Jose Cuervo, Truly, Hornitos, Barefoot and more. Come to Bengal’s Discount Liquor today to stock up on your favorites!

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