Holiday Cocktails

How can you add a little more Christmas cheer to your holidays? Mix up some yummy holiday cocktails!

Here are some easy ones to get things started. Just add some butterscotch schnapps to your eggnog for a little extra holiday kick and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. Or place some Baileys straight up in a cocktail glass rimmed with crushed peppermint, which is another creamy confection that will surely put a holiday smile on your face.

Then give Christmas the old one-two punch with holiday wine punch made by filling a punch bowl with a lot of red wine, ginger beer, orange juice and a little vanilla extract. Toss in some orange slices and cinnamon sticks for looks and even more flavor. 

Did you know there is a good kind of fruit cake? Yep…one part gin, to two parts cranberry juice and one part prosecco. Just add ice to cool it off and cranberries to make it pretty!

Do you like a celebratory mimosa at Christmas brunch? It’s not just about orange juice anymore. Champagne pairs well with any type of juice; and cranberry or pomegranate can be particularly festive with your bubbly at the holidays. It’s also a lovely idea to add a beverage table to your brunch buffet and fill it with your champagne of choice and colorful juices that are a feast for the eye.

What about the harder stuff, you ask? Pomegranate and orange juice offer a nice twist to – wait for it…bourbon; and heated apple cider spiked with dark rum and cinnamon schnapps will warm you to your soul. Plus, orange and cranberry can bring your manhattans to the holiday side…orange cranberry-orange infused bourbon, that is! Just place orange peel, a few dashes of bitters, crushed ice, sweet vermouth and cranberry-orange infused bourbon in your shaker to shake things up for the holidays.

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