How Do I Know My Alcohol Limit?

It’s good to know your limits in everything you do…physical exertion, spending, how much time you can spend with your mother-in-law before you blow a gasket, etc. Knowing your limits in life can save you a bunch of heartache and hassle or worse. 

One very important limit to know is how much you can drink before you are impaired. The legal blood alcohol limit for drivers in all 50 states is 0.08%. For underage drivers, it is anywhere up to 0.02% and for commercial motor vehicle operators, it is 0.04%.

How can you determine your alcohol limit? One way to calculate your blood alcohol limit is to visit This website provides an interactive calculator which can help you determine the percentage of your blood alcohol by taking into consideration the number and what type of drinks you have consumed, your body weight and the amount of time you have spent drinking and, in essence, burning off the alcohol you have consumed.

Taking a few minutes to learn what your blood alcohol “value” would be after a few typical drinks could save you a lot of money in fines, your license and even save lives. Just make certain to use this for approximation purposes and not to use this information to replace the advice of your physician or your health care provider, especially if you have any health concerns or issues.


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