Interesting Facts about Alcohol

We humans have had quite an intriguing relationship with alcohol. Here are some interesting facts about alcohol that may surprise and astound you or give you a giggle…

Muscles absorb alcohol faster than fat. What that means is that people with more muscle weight have a higher alcohol tolerance than their chubby brethren…one more reason to hit the gym!

Did you know that drinking ages around the world range from 10 (No, that is not a typo.) to 21 years of age?

If you think binge drinking involves massive amounts of drinks, think again. For women, binge drinking is considered four or more drinks within two hours. That’s two drinks an hour. Sheesh!

Research discovered in China indicates the use of alcohol around 7,000 – 6,600 BC – quite nearly the dawn of time! That explains a lot.

Throughout history, alcohol has always been considered a valuable commodity. In fact, archeologists have uncovered that many pyramid builders were paid in alcohol, as were Russian teachers at one point in history.

So now let’s talk about the good news for dark and light alcoholic beverages, shall we? For instance, red wine contains resveratrol, a substance which – in moderation – can help reduce cholesterol and prevent blood clots. Cheers! Plus, white or clear liquor is far less likely to produce a hangover. You’re welcome!

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