Is Premium Liquor Worth the Price?

Premium liquor gets its higher price tag in a variety of ways. Many premium liquors use higher quality or natural ingredients, the distillation process for some is more involved and some are aged longer. However, while it is true that a mastery of ingredients, the premium liquor distilling process and timing can add wonderful texture and viscosity, a higher price does not always ensure superior quality.

Let’s start with scotch. Single malt scotch earns a higher price tag because it is made from a single grain. While single malt scotch may be absolutely exceptional, there are also some very commendable blended whiskeys available.

Premium vodka, which is ever-popular in mixed drinks and actually lauded for its lack of taste, can be extremely dissimilar from its lower quality counterparts – the latter which usually offers a harsher finish, one quite often reminiscent of rubbing alcohol. However, if you like your vodka with a hint of fruit, as the newer peach and berry infused possess (instead of tasteless), by all means, enjoy! 

The types of grains used in the production of whisky and vodka definitely affect the end result and can subsequently determine if that liquor is of premium quality. Bourbons can also acquire unsurpassed flavor from their barrels and the length of their aging process. 

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