Is the Liquor Before Beer Rule True?

Have you ever heard the saying, “beer before liquor, never been sicker” and “liquor before beer, you’re in the clear”? Sadly, the truth is that the order of what you drink matters less than what you drink, how much you drink and how fast you drink it.

A rule that can help is not to drink on an empty stomach. Food can line your stomach for slower and lower absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. Drinking water before and during alcohol consumption can help too by keeping you hydrated to reduce hangover symptoms. Also, of course, consuming your alcohol in moderation is always a good idea.

Ah, but say it is too late and you are already suffering from a hangover symptoms, which can include nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue, thirst and a few more lovely items. While the best treatment for a hangover is time (Time really does heal all wounds.), there are some home remedies that have also been known to help. 

While you should keep your meals light, don’t avoid eating because that can just increase acid build-up in your stomach. If you can choke down a breakfast of eggs, please do. The cysteine in eggs will break down the alcohol in your body.

Potassium is great for replacing lost electrolytes and prevent dehydration; and fruit juice and honey replace essential sugars that help metabolize the extra alcohol in your system. So, you might want to try a banana, juice and honey smoothie if that sounds a bit more appetizing in your current state of “flux”.

Some say the chemicals in strong black coffee combat the headaches associated with hangovers. Apple cider vinegar balances your body’s pH levels and can help protect your liver from further damage. Also try to replenish your liquids and salt.