It’s a New Year! How about Trying Something New at Bengal’s Liquors?

Every year, there are new alcoholic beverages to try…options that can be more fun, more flavorful and more convenient. Since we’ve all had enough of the challenges we’ve faced this last year or so, what do you think of livening things up a bit by trying out some new adult beverages?

For instance, how about rum and coke the easy way with Greenbar Rum and Coke in cans? Don’t worry about mixing another with this one because all the good stuff is already in there!

If it’s Kentucky bourbon you prefer, Angel’s Envy is a limited edition cask strength option that is finished in port wine barrels and will surely make your friends envious…unless you share.

Gin lovers rejoice! Bombay has just come out with its premier lemon flavor for a tangy pop of citrus; or you may want to try Luxardo’s Sour Cherry Gin and Tonic. Yum!

For some new fruity flavors, Suzie’s Hard Seltzer Appletini or a Drifter Passionfruit Cocktail will do!

And for all of you out there with Viking blood or those who just wish you had some, you can toast your victories this winter with a Nordic style pale ale because Elysian Brewing, an Anheuser Busch craft brewer, has just released its seasonal debut!

Whether you are game for trying out some of the great new refreshing beverages on the market or you plan to stick to your tried and true favorite drink, Bengal’s Liquor on Beville Road in South Daytona has it all!

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