It’s Five O’clock Somewhere!

In the islands with a pina colada made from fresh coconuts and pineapples, on the French Riviera winding down with a cognac for sipping or in Mexico, or with a margarita in hand after waking refreshed from a rejuvenating siesta…It’s five o’clock somewhere.

Hmmm, it’s probably 5 o’clock in Ireland, where the whisky flows freely. So tip some drams until your Irish eyes are smiling!

During the holidays, adding a shot of butterscotch schnapps to heat up your creamy eggnog could be just the ticket for a festive five o’clock Christmas toast.

Plus, any good southerner will tell you that, if it is five o’clock in Tennessee, a smooth bourbon has a southern charm all its own.

Rum runners in the Florida Keys are a time honored tradition. You wouldn’t want to offend any snarly pirates, so go ahead and take a few swigs. It’s got to be 5 o’clock there!

When it’s five o’clock in New York, try a Long Island iced tea. It may even change your affinity for the Giants.

Five o’clock is also a great time for snacks. So enjoy a light rose with those garden party tea sandwiches (I’m sorry, is that lunchtime?) or pair that crisp white vino with some gruyere at your neighbor’s housewarming.

If it’s not five o’clock at the horse races, you can hide your mint julep with that big floppy hat! I think that is why they wear those. No?

When you are out on the boat and perhaps sailing in international waters, it’s definitely time for a refreshing beverage.

It’s beer o’clock any time you are feeling parched in that backyard barbeque sun, so quench your thirst with a cold brew!

And if it is undeniably, without a doubt, NOT five o’clock somewhere, a spicy bloody Mary brimming with cocktail shrimp and a sprig of celery will certainly do!

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