It’s Kentucky Derby Time Again…Mint Juleps All Around!

Mint Juleps became popular in 1938, when they were first served at the Kentucky Derby. Since then, the mint julep has become a staple at the Kentucky Derby, with over 120,000 sippers of the minty stuff there per year! 

However, the esteemed history of the mint julep began long before it became a popular beverage at the Kentucky Derby. In fact, it has been cited in literature as early as the 1700s! And while at that time, the mint julep seems to have been more of an elixir used for medicinal purposes, the modern mint julep is more of a refreshing drink that is perfect for the purpose of cooling off on a steamy Florida afternoon.

Over time, mint julep recipes have become varied with different types of liquor and berries, but the traditional mint julep recipe is as follows…First, a mint julep maker should know that Southern tradition requires serving the minty mixture in a silver cup, which is symbolic of the Kentucky Derby Winner’s Cup. Then, muddle mint in the bottom. Add crushed ice and then two ounces of bourbon and one ounce of simple syrup. For a lovely, aromatic finish, garnish with a sprig of mint.

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