Know the Alcohol Content before Buying…or Drinking

Tailgating with some good food and better beer before a college football game is great fun. Enjoying a live band in one of your favorite local bars can be a blast. Summer barbeques with sangria or margaritas and your besties are a beautiful thing.

Many of us like to have a few drinks, enjoy an evening with friends and drive safely home. All of us like to make sure that our friends are safe driving home if they are visiting us for some merriment. It’s nice to be social and even better to be safe. A few drinks with relatively low alcohol content over the course of a few hours with some food mixed in is usually a very enjoyable and safe way to partake in some social drinking.

There are also those of us who like a single malt scotch to take the edge off, or relax at the end of a delicious dinner by sipping on a nice cognac. These drinks tend to be a little stronger, but one is usually enough.

However you like to enjoy your alcohol, it’s always a good practice to check the alcohol content before buying it. Certain liquor used in drink recipes includes a high alcohol content, and when mixed with other alcohol within the same drink can become potent. Some beer is even stronger than others. And while it may seem like no big deal when you are sharing a bottle of wine with a friend, it can pack quite a punch depending on how many glasses you have.

So, here’s to another year full of fun with friends. Whatever your pleasure, please enjoy and drink and serve drinks responsibly. Cheers!Check