Which Liquors Are Great for Shots

Are you a straight shooter? If so, you may like shots of Crown Royal, Jagermeister, chilled Seagrams
Extra Smooth Vodka or some high end Patron Tequila. The holidays are great for Rumpleminz, which
tastes like a candy cane or cinnamon shots such as Fireball and Jack Fire.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, you may want to try a Rumchatta shot, which is a rum cream;
chocolate cake, which is vodka and Frangelico hazelnut liqueur; a buttery nipple – Bailey’s Irish Cream
mixed with butterscotch schnapps; a jolly rancher, made from apple schnapps, peach schnapps and
cranberry juice; or a purple hooter, which is vodka, raspberry liqueur and 7-up.

If you are having a party, there are some great party shots out there, such as the mind eraser, which is
vodka, Kahlua and 7-up; and Irish car bombs which are made by dropping whisky and Irish cream into a
glass of Guinness and drinking it as fast as you can. The kamikaze is vodka, triple sec and lime. B-52s are
made from Irish cream, Kahlua and Grand Mariner and lemon drops are your favorite vodka with lemon
juice and sugar. Just be careful. They can sneak up on you!

Then there is the age-old jello shot which has transformed over the years. It’s not just any flavor jello
with vodka. Now it can also be fun mixes such as pineapple jello with rum or flavored vodkas with your
favorite jello favor.

Certain shots can be very tasty and fun. Hey, why not just give it a shot???!!!