Jimmy Buffet crooned about their virtues; and although margaritas are a lively participant in Cinco de Mayo celebrations, these luscious libations are a delightful addition to any social event, all summer long and throughout the year. 

In fact, the margarita rose to its height of popularity in 2004, when it was given its prestigious title of most popular drink in America. Maybe that is because of how easy it is to make…

A traditional frozen margarita is simply a shot of tequila (or a shot and a half if you love your tequila), two shots of triple sec and fresh squeezed lime juice or triple sec and lime can be replaced with any yummy margarita mixer to make the process even easier. Then, just multiply by the number of drinks you require and toss it in the blender with ice.

The beauty of the margarita, among many other things, is that you can also add fruit to make an even more delicious and colorful alcoholic beverage. Strawberry, peach and mango are particularly tasty. 

You can also simply pour this delectable concoction over ice. You can even add a shot of Cointreau – an orange flavored liqueur. Better yet, add a shot of blue curacao liqueur and make a blue margarita. Then serve those alongside pomegranate margaritas on the fourth of July! Pomegranate margaritas are also lovely to serve at the holidays.

The best way to rim your margarita glass with salt is to moisten the rim, tip the rim of the glass at an angle and run the outer edge around a saucer of kosher salt. Then shake off the excess, garnish it with a wheel or slice of lime and you’re good to go!


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