Most Popular Wines that Are Trending Now

Did you know that 36 percent of wine drinkers are now millennials? So, it stands to reasons that the organic craze has sparked a rise in popularity of natural wines. With the rise in popularity of vegetarians, healthy plant-based diets and the vegan army, lighter red wines such as Zinfandel, Grenache and Tempranillo have also stolen the stage; and Pinot Grigio, for much of the same reasons, has made a resurgence.

This trend to switch to lighter, fruitier wines, such as Sangiovese and Pinot Noir, still holds true even for those of us who still love a juicy steak. The demand for lighter wines came on so strong in 2018, that restaurateurs joined this new revolution by adding more of these types of wines to their menus.

Our old oaky friend, the Chardonnay, is also making a comeback by way of Australia. Spanish and South African wines are also imports with a strong draw. The prediction is that if the dollar stays strong, this trend will continue, but if the opposite occurs, imported wines will be traded in for cheaper, local alternatives.

And, although champagne was once thought to be only for use on New Year’s Eve and other landmark occasions, sparking wines have become more affordable – making them staples anywhere from ladies light, to date night, to Sunday brunch.

Source: Impos Blog