Why People Enjoy Drinking

From backyard barbeque and boating beer lovers to brandy sipping cigar smokers to college revelers who hang from the rafters, drinking is a very popular pastime. People like to drink for many reasons.

Drinks can make a holiday table more festive and colorful, and add a little zing to your fancy fare. Fruity cocktails and trying new craft beers can kick up the fun to another level at parties. And relaxing with friends by the pool with some Sangria or knocking back a brew while fishing with some buds just seems to top the weekend off right!

A few drinks or even just one beer can sometimes make a seafood feast more tasty or pulled pork more succulent. The only thing you have to watch out for is over-imbibing. It’s never fun when you embarrass yourself by growing beer muscles and picking a fight with the ginormous guy at the end of the bar (That never goes well!), telling your mother-in-law she could lose a few, or when you wake up the next morning without your pants.

A good rule of thumb is to enjoy yourself in moderation. So, go ahead…try a Moscow Mule or two, or enjoy your favorite Italian dish with that new merlot you have been wanting to try. Just don’t drink the entire bottle…and your taste buds will do a dance, and your dinner will be absolutely delizioso!