Spring into Summer with Delicious Cocktails You Can Make Right at Home!

While we are all spending more time at home, why not beat the heat by adding a little festivity to the mix and toast the season with some innovative summer cocktails?

Here’s a fun summer treat in rustic Italian style. Create your own delicious summer pear pot. Start by simmering one cup of honey and three cups of water until the honey dissolves. Then add diced pears, fresh sage and chopped ginger until it reduces by one-third. Strain, add to a bottle of prosecco and serve in mason jars garnished with sage.

Speaking of fruity cocktails…bourbons are simply peachy! Just mix bourbon with peach liquor and sparkling wine. Yum! Or try a new twist on an old, refreshing favorite and serve gin and tonics over a beautiful mix of blackberries sliced strawberries. If raspberries are your thing, try adding raspberry puree to ginger beer and limoncello, pouring over fresh raspberries and serving in a champagne flute topped with a squeeze of lime. 

Summer is also time for honeysuckle, watermelon and parasols (not necessarily in that order), so…try a tequila honeysuckle, made with a shot of honey syrup – which is just half water and half honey – a shot of lime, three shots of tequila (oh man) and garnish with lime. Want to add a slice of heaven to your house party? Gin, honey syrup and watermelon juice garnished with a sprig of basil will do the trick! And here comes the parasol to keep you cool. Add elderflower liquor to Lillet aromatized white wine, honey syrup, a spritz of lemon and champagne. How’s that for fancy?

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