Tequila: Tips for Purchasing the Brand that Is Right for You

Whether it is blended in a frozen margarita, serving as a vital ingredient for ranch water, poured as shots or simply for sipping, tequila has made its mark as one of the most popular adult beverages in America. From typically citrusy unaged blanco, to rested golden reposados and patiently aged anejos tequila offers an amazing array of enjoyable options.

If you’re looking for a reliable old school tequila option, there is always tried and true Patron, a premium tequila with Roca leading its pack. If you want a dependable, yet inexpensive tequila option, you may want to try Espolon, which easily checks both boxes. Awarded top world prize in 2020 for its “classy and restrained” nature and “soft texture and smooth finish,” Cierto Tequila Reserve Collection Extra Anejo is also top-notch.

Newer tequila options include El Mayor Tequila, offering a high end cask finished option. Extra Anejo Port Cask, its most recent release, is matured in port barrels to finish with blackberry notes; while its Extra Anejo Sherry Cask Aged version is wonderful in Manhattans, fashioned as old fashions and simply lovely for sipping.

Speaking of sipping, Corralejo Reposado tequila is recommended for its peppery smoky flavor which also offers hints of caramel and vanilla, along with an excellent price. Also priced right is Tequila Zarpado, a relatively new blanco tequila option. Velvety, slightly spicy with a fruity aroma, Milagro Tequila Reposado comes with a great price as well.

Don Julio 1942, a tequila staple over the years and made more popular during the pandemic, has a rich oak finish. Clase Azul comes in a pretty white and cobalt blue ceramic decanter and offers notes of hazelnut, clove, cinnamon and vanilla.

…and there are so many more, so if you have trouble deciding, pose your tequila questions to the experts at Bengal’s Discount Liquors in South Daytona!


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