The History behind the Saying “Beer before Liquor…”

We’ve all heard that popular quote, “Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.” Some of us may even live by it. A few self-professed alcohol drinking experts may even tell you that the sticking to one type of drink – that whole, “grape or grain, never the twain,” thing – will help you avoid any adverse effects the next morning.

But be wary, my friend, of the folks who swear that if you drink liquor and beer in the right order you can drink like a fish without suffering the unpleasantness (Which may be far too weak of a descriptive term.) of a hangover. They may very well just be barflies who enjoy the company of others while they partake in their alcohol inflicted pain.

Studies have actually been conducted (by people with impressive college degrees) that prove otherwise. Yes, my partying peeps, this is important stuff. These scholarly folks fed the same amounts of alcohol in different orders to a group of people and switched the order on the same people the next week. Can you guess the results?

Yep, the alcoholic beverages you choose to drink make absolutely no difference in your hangover susceptibility. The amount you drink absolutely does. Oh, and one more thing was discovered in that illuminating clinical trial…listen-up ladies…apparently women suffer the effects of a hangover more than men.


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