Tips for Safe Drinking

The first rule of thumb, of course, is never drink too much and drive, but it is also important to know your alcohol tolerance levels. For instance, I know that I can meet up with friends, drink a beer or a glass of wine and drive myself safely home, but if I indulge in several beers or glasses of wine, that may not be the case. 

I also know that I don’t handle drinking games or hard liquor in the form of shots very well, but a refreshing margarita or a mixed drink or two is perfectly fine for my tolerance level. I have even been known to indulge a bit more if I am safe at home or with close friends in a comfortable environment.

There are other factors to consider as well. For example, if you weigh more than your tiny girlfriend, you very well be better able to handle a little more to drink. Plus, if you have a drink or two when you are out to dinner, your system will absorb more alcohol, but if you go out drinking on an empty stomach, you are much more likely to feel the effects of the alcohol you drink in a shorter amount of time.

Enjoying yourself on a night out drinking and socializing with your friends is perfectly fine. Just remember to pace yourself. Something as little as a very attentive bartender who serves drinks quickly can throw you off your game. No one wants to embarrass themselves and a night out is always more fun when you’re in control of your faculties, so take your time drinking your drinks and keep a tally. You know how many you can handle, so set your limit.

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