A Toast to American Spirit

Served neat, with water, over ice or mixed with soda, bourbon whiskey isn’t just for that old guy smoking a cigar anymore. There’s a “bourbon boom,” and it is catching among a younger, hipper crowd…and $8 billion in global sales proves it.

Bourbon is used in cooking, and it’s the main ingredient in a variety of cocktail favorites, including a Manhattan, old fashioned, whiskey sour and mint julep. Believe it or not, it was actually also used historically for medicinal purposes. I guess those cowboy shows were right!

Bourbon, made primarily from corn, gets its reddish cast and distinctive taste by being aged in charred oak casks. It also claims an intriguing past. Its origin still remains a mystery. There are some who say Bourbon County distiller Jacob Spears was the first to label bourbon whiskey. Still others claim it was Elijah Craig, a Baptist minister who was credited with many of Kentucky’s firsts. Or maybe it began as a cheap alternative to cognac and was shipped out of the major port in New Orleans (and named for Bourbon Street), as some historians will attest.

Bourbon has grown in popularity. In 1964, it was declared a “distinctive product of the United States” by Congress, and otherwise referred to as “America’s Official Native Spirit.” Today, bourbon is thriving industry employing over 9,000 workers and generating over $125 million in tax revenue.

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