What Is the Difference Between Wine and Spirits?

The main differences between wine and spirits are their production processes, the ingredients from which they are made and their alcoholic content. 

While wine is made from the juice of fruits, spirits are made by distilling fermented products. Wine is fermented with yeast to create alcohol. Spirits are heated with mash, which is typically made from grains or corn. Once the alcohol is heated to the point of evaporation, it is then cooled so that it can be collected. Then both wine and spirits are stored, and the types of containers in which they are stored will also affect their flavor and substance.

Spirits are hard liquor (which can include vodka, whisky and gin), liquors or brandy – which is actually made from wine. Spirits also tend to have at least 40 percent alcoholic content, while wine usually remains under 12 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

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