Why Champagne Is a Celebratory Drink

We toast with it on New Year’s Eve; race car drivers are doused in it when they win a race; bottles of it are thrown on the floor and broken with festive fervor at Russian weddings; and fancy brunches become even fancier when it is served; but why is it that champagne is considered the reigning master of celebratory drinks…you mean besides its popping cork, signature sparkle and bubbly effervescence?

Here’s how it all began. It originated in England, where the technology for bottling and corking drinks containing carbon dioxide had been perfected. First served among European aristocracy and at parties of royal courts, champagne has always been viewed as a status symbol.

While the English preferred a drier variety and, as its reputation fermented and grew, a sweeter version became the rage in Paris. After the French Revolution, champagne also became part of secular rituals that had replaced what were formerly religious rituals, such as christening a ship, weddings and baptisms. By the late 19th century, the popularity of champagne had stretched across the globe.

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